The products displayed for sale on this site are covered by one or more utility or design patents and/or pending patents applied for in the United States and worldwide, including:

Product Title Patent #
Operating Table Support Clamp Single Lever 903 single lever , 803 single lever 7,003,827
Modular Surgical Positioner MorphBoard 105 7,100,225
Surgical Patient Positioner Leg Extension 105-4 MorphBoard leg extension 7,415,741
Dual Compression Pads for Surgical Positioners 1007-CPM, LPM, RPM Clip On Pads 7,426,930
Shoulder Holder for Arm Surgery (Reznik) 908 Reznik Universal Shoulder Positioner 7,569,024
Surgical Arm Positioning Pad (Humbles) 904-G 8,001,635
Non-Invasive Femoral Distractor for Knee Surgery 907 De Mayo Universal Distractor 8,048,082
Sterile Operating Table Extension 108 Swing Arm MAKO 8,132,278
Method and Apparatus for Securing a Patients Hand during Arthroscopy and Surgery 412 Finger Trap 8,839,797
Operating Table Quick Release Clamp 713-302 De Mayo push-button clamp
Modular Distractor for use in Ankle Surgery 1109 De Mayo Ankle Distractor 9,314,272

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